Meet Coach Rachel

Entrepreneurship Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Women’s Emotional Wellness Coach, Life Coach

Don’t Give Up!!!

My background as an entrepreneur includes, photography, videography, event producer, bridal show producer and Bridal Magazine Publisher. Today, art and design and I have added two new ventures– movie screenwriter and book author. One of my greatest joys as a life coach is helping my clients transform into the highest level of themselves. What is your next venture?

Sometimes we are ready to give up because we are confronted with bad situations or bad people who give negative feedback. There are times when we have to meet thirty substandard personalities before we meet that one person, who is kind, considerate and inspiring; someone who will point us in the right direction. There are still a small percentage of selfless visionaries who are still walking the earth, prepared to inspire anyone who needs it. I am that selfless visionary who is here to help women in need.

I am reminded by the Eulogy of Robert Kennedy Jr. He wrote this eulogy for his niece’s funeral and decided to let the world see it so that we all might learn a great lesson:

“This feels like home to all of us but it’s not. We are all visitors here, and for only a short time. And we all have our jobs that we are meant to perform.

The people with the most important jobs are the ones who God sends to make the music and to make us laugh. Also the ones who teach us how to be kind to each other, how to be grateful, how to bear suffering without complaint, and how to be trustworthy friends. The ones who show us paths out of our isolation and darkness, and teach us to embrace and celebrate our humanity.”

Robert Kennedy Jr.

I am here to inspire and help you with any of the following: Self-confidence, self-worth, career and educational transitions, business ventures and marketing(websites, etc), personal transformation and health and wellness. The idea for my business started a few years ago. So many women needed my help and they were always asking for my help to move forward with change or a transition in life. My energy, strength and determination can help move you in the right direction.

Please fill out the contact form for your 20 minute consultation. Remember, —- “I can’t,” “I couldn’t,” and “I shouldn’t” does not exist.

Master of Business Administration, PG Cert. Health Admin., Entrepreneurship Coach, Health and Wellness Coach, Women’s Emotional Wellness Coach, Life Coach. Founder: Inspirational Life Studio