Services And Packages

Free Discovery and Assessment Session(20 Minutes)

Package 1-$225.00

Life Purpose Session This is a 90 minute session on claiming your life purpose and help with direction . This coaching package helps you to get a plan in order.

Package 2 – $450.00

Make A Change Sessions This is 3 sessions with 60 minute coaching focusing on life possibilities instead of life limitations and disappointments. We will focus on your passions and your goals for change. Weekly email contact and 6 months of weekly inspirational e-mail messages. This is a 4 week span. All sessions are scheduled.

Package 3 – $1200.00

Empowerment And Transformation Sessions This is a 9 session coaching special (Regular $1350.00). “Lets Start with a Vision” and make it happen. Are you stuck and can’t move forward? This Package includes : Weekly email contact, 6 months of weekly inspirational e-mail messages and educational field trips to help move you in the right direction. This package has a 10 week span.